Florian Schreitter
Ritter von Schwarzen­feld is
our Executive Vice President.

Flo von Schreitter is a food junkie, former performance athlete, and Rhinelander. After graduating from high school, he traveled to Southeast Asia as well as South America and spent time as a developmend aid worker in Cameroon. Together with a Cameroonian friend, he founded one of the first field hockey clubs in West Africa - with the support of his home childhood club Schwarz-Weiß Neuss, who he played for in the 2nd division. He studied business administration at universities in Aachen and Hamburg and collected first work experiences at SAP, Deutsche Bank, Henkel, E&Y and inside Lufthansa Group. As our Executive Vice President, he advises clients on strategic alignment, innovation, and the development of new business models. He believes in making sound decisions, but doing so with a cocktail of courage, practical experience, and knowledge of the future.

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