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More vacation days.
Taking care of yourself?
We compensate for that.

Sports Club.
Fitness club memberships.

Travel together.
We understand work-life

Mentoring Programs.
Individual coaching sessions with
members of the C-Suite.

Our College.
A school of thought for
personal development.

Let’s talk about your future colleagues. First and foremost, they’re very open-minded. Can’t do isn't in their vocabulary. It’s the enjoyment of the job that enables our employees to achieve so much for our – extraordinary – clients. Plus, our Top 5 list is pretty impressive. You can read more about that below.


We think freedom and adventure are cool, but we don’t need cowboy hats or cigarettes for that. If you feel the same way, you’ll enjoy added vacation days as a non-smoker.

We occasionally attend career fairs or university events to find talented candidates. In fact, we have a lot of fun with it. Occasionally our C-Suite makes an appearance (granted, not all at once). A regular attendee, on the other hand, is our “Impossible” backpack for visitors. And don’t forget the postcards pictured above – perfect for your fridge at home. Shoot us a quick email and we'll send over your 3 favorites.


Our reason for waking up every morning.

Fortunately, we were considering the impact of our actions on employees, clients, suppliers, and the environment long before “purpose“ was a buzzword. Our purpose: Make future good. 
is our call to action. We strive to make an impact and shape the future – Make it good!
represents out knowledge of tomorrow; Insights for the benefit of our clients, employees, and society. To which we say: Good!

Our no asshole policy.
And why
the expression stuck.

Do you feel like working for (and/or with) people without a backbone, without respect, or without the drive to make a difference? See, neither do we! And we also don’t tolerate dirty business. That’s why we prioritize our personal definition of growth over the quantity of projects. We systematically evaluate prospective clients to determine who we’d like to work with. And who’s not a good fit. After all, we consider our job to be much more than a job. It's our passion. Click here to see how we express ourselves in a more refined way - without compromising on our core values.

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Analyst (m/w/d) Hamburg, London, Austin, Miami, New York, Mumbai, Tokyo, Shanghai, Sydney
Sales Assistant (m/w/d) Hamburg, Miami, New York
Assistant (m/w/d) Hamburg

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Once you’re on board,
you’re a part of the team forever.

Us Thomies (as many clients affectionately call us) stick together, no matter where in the world you work. It's not just the job that matters, but, above all, respect – and the fun times we have together. We also offer alumni services that facilitate networking and provide support: organizing events, knowledge sharing, access to (career) support, and much more.

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