New perspectives to address your most ambitious goals and your biggest challenges.

as a Tool.

The future is not our company object. Rather, the future is a tool we employ to navigate current circumstances. This strategy enables us to effectively address existing challenges.


Focus Topics are key issues currently impacting our clients, all top decision-makers in politics, business and society. We provide solutions in response to these challenges.


Core Services refers to our most essential areas of consulting. Every day, we address challenges facing top management across six key consulting segments.


You are an expert in your industry. We bring relevant supplementary information to the partnership: In each of our industry portals, you will find the latest news covering key global economic sectors.


Above all, transformative research must be performant. Breadth, depth, and knowledge of the future ensures that our strategic forecasting experts can deliver answers tailored to address our clients‘ key concerns.


Our experts are also available to speak at your next big event. A unique opportunity for employees, customers, business partners, congresses and large-scale events.

The future is an undervalued variable. It significantly increases our ability to overcome challenges.


We ask questions never before asked. For answers never before imagined.

Bernd Thomsen
We ask questions never before asked. For answers never before imagined.

It’s about your
individual needs.

A science fiction film in a theatre or a futurologist at the company party – both sound entertaining. For the success of your company, however, the future in question needs to be effective. Embracing the future as tool is an essential step in solving the challenges that face your organization.

Imagine (although it may be difficult for fans of the sport) that this golf ball is not actually a golf ball. Rather, it’s a sphere synonymous with the success of your organization. Your CFO wants to calculate the incremental growth of the sphere. He would need to consider important variables such as circumference, surface area, volume, circular area; In short: dependent variables. The only independent necessary for proper calculation is diameter. With all this information at hand, he could measure the magnitude of your success. But what if he were missing the singular independent variable?

This is the case for many companies. The most underestimated variable, the future (perhaps the most independent of all), can be leveraged - unlike the independent variable from our math sphere example. Most often, however, the future won’t be taken into consideration. And if it is, it will be utilized inadequately. Admittedly, there are plenty of independent variables in the world of business. But one is often missing: the future.

Consequently, we apply our future-specific insights across all areas of consulting, as well as in our Core Services and Focus Topics, with the aim of finding improved, more effective solutions to your individual challenges.

Where we help.
Key areas of innovation shaping the future.

Focus Topics.

We are often asked what people across the globe, top decision-makers, our clients are currently concerned with. Here you'll find an overview of key topics of interest. Are there other subjects you're curious about? Feel free to contact us, we'd be glad to help.

F ocus Topics. Auf Basis von Zukunftswissen. S ustainability B usiness M odel I nnovation. B usiness A ssessment. O vercoming C rises P latforms E cosystems. P ublic O pinion. N ew Markets G lobal Growth. Q uality E conomy. ( New) C ompetitors. D igitization. P sychometrics R esilience R isk. C ulture E mployees. Focus Topics THOMSEN GROUP
F ocus Topics. Auf Basis von Zukunftswissen. S ustainability B usiness M odel I nnovation. N ew Markets G lobal Growth. P latforms E cosystems. D igitization. R esilience R isk. ( New) C ompetitors. P ublic O pinion. B usiness A ssessment. C ulture E mployees. Q uality E conomy. O vercoming C rises P sychometrics
New Markets
and Global Growth.
and Ecosystems.
Diversity, Impact and
Purpose (DIP).
Business Model Innovation.
Digitization and
Smart Data.
Culture and
Customer, Markets and
(New) Competitors.
and Risk.

What we help with.
Meaningful solutions for the future of your company.

Core Services.

Introducing our most critical consulting segments. With these Core Services, we solve challenges faced by top management. Check out the infographic below the following images to learn more.

Corporate Strategy.
Applied Futurology.
Corporate Finance.
Sales, Marketing.

Corporate Strategy.

  • Company Strategies. Global Growth.
  • Diversity, Impact, Purpose (DIP).
  • Resilience Management.

Applied Futurology.

  • Future Research. GAP-Bridging.
  • NanoScenario Analytics. Insights.
  • Customized Strategic Foresight.


  • Innovationmanagement. Search Fields.
  • Business Areas. Business Models.
  • Products and Services.


  • Business- and Organizational Development.
  • Post Merger Integration. Digitization.
  • Crises. Performance Improvement. HR.

Corporate Finance.

  • Exit Readiness. Exit Happiness. M&A.
  • Commercial & Financial Due Diligence.
  • Zero-Based-Budgeting.

Sales, Marketing.

  • Market Management.
  • Sales Solutions. Digital and Analog.
  • Marketing, PR, Social Media.

We believe that a successful project involves supplementing the outstanding competencies of our clients with a broad perspective, comprehensive proficiency (as a result of experience), and, above all, Zukunftswissen (knowledge of the future).

Welcome to our industries portal!
Which industry do you work in?

Our Industries.

Networking is on the rise. Learning from others is a valuable resource. We offer support in this area using our understanding of multi-sector activity – a well-recognized business practice since the invention of the smartphone disrupted industries by combining alarm clocks, cameras, TVs, record collections, alarm systems, travel agencies, and more into a single device. We help you look at your industry from an entirely new perspective. Peering into the future to ask questions that, perhaps, no one has asked before.

Up-to-date coverage on key global economic sectors via dedicated industry portals

We use, even if the UN list of macro-regions differs, the triad, i.e. the tripartite division of the world economy, because of its high prevalence. It is based on the three major northern industrial regions of North America, Europe and East Asia. These also correspond to three stock exchange trading time zones, in which shares are traded on the stock exchanges of these economic areas at the same or almost the same stock exchange opening times. The southern economic zones of South America, Africa and Australia are assigned to their respective counterparts. In this way, the three economic zones cover the entire earth.

Motor Vehicles,
Investment Goods.


Maintain output while becoming carbon neutral.

Manufacturing industries are facing major upheavals. Value chains are unstable. Taxonomies are changing the requirements for green production. And, last but not least, consumers expect companies to act responsibly.

Oil, Gas, Electricity,
Water, Wind,


A leading industry with a promising future.

Without energy, society would begin to fracture. Operational demands relating to storage technologies (e.g. batteries), networks, security, and green technologies remain a challenge.

Insurances, Funds,
Financial Services.


Capital market dynamics are changing rapidly.

New investors, especially retail investors, are emerging. New asset categories are surfacing. New reporting requirements and investment parameters are becoming increasingly relevant. Understanding the future helps us identify issues of importance and, in turn, promote a positive ROI.

Trade, Tourism,
Fast Moving
Consumer Goods,
Food, Shopping.


Know what consumers do. What they say is no longer enough.

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) are evolving faster than ever. That's why it's important to conduct market research properly, observing more closely what people actually do rather than what they suggest in surveys. Keeping the customer in mind while addressing societal needs has become a competitive advantage.

Hardware, Software.


Communication takes the lead. However, not all channels will survive.

Do we really want to continue using Nokia and Kodak as examples (of untapped potential)?  That said, recognizing opportunities for changes without misinterpreting associated risks remains paramount. Not to mention the importance of understanding evolving societal needs and subsequent pressures.

Office, Living,
Shopping Center,

Real Estate.

Virtually all human interaction occurs within the scope of real estate.

People and real estate are inseparable. Unfortunately, 40% of global CO2 emissions are connected to real estate. Even so, the industry is more relevant than ever. Both society and companies expect the industry to become a solutions provider, proactively supporting people's lives and work. This involves recognizing developments across other sectors, such as Moved Life.

Medicine, Health


Health is becoming iconic.

Robotic surgeries will render patient volume irrelevant as justification for centralized clinics. As will technology, which continues to shrink in price and size. (Just think, a smartphone today has more capabilities than NASA did at the time of the moon landing). Clinics are more accessible than ever. And they are increasingly concerned with how you can live a healthier life. Industries such as sports and nutrition are now intertwined with the health industry. The market is booming and has many stakeholders, but there is also a need for increased cooperation – data being one example.



For governments, political parties, and NGOs, knowledge of the future is fundamental.

For decades, we have supported public officials with long-term strategic orientation. Governments worldwide also require guidance in order to constructively shape their futures for the benefit of their citizens. Trust is particularly important in these circumstances, and we fulfill our obligation. Confidentiality pays off. Although many of our projects are subject to extensive confidentiality agreements, we refuse to take a stereotypical approach. Rather, we proceed on an individual basis – according to a client’s needs. From limiting disclosure of client-specific information to transparent publication of our results. In this case: full discretion.

Performance Research.



Permanent Future Research. A constant eye on the future.

Every day, our teams work to develop future competencies - independent of ongoing projects – as part of our Permanent Future Research (PFR). We identify overarching technological, economic, ecological, social, and other changes across the global landscape. These developments are expressed in the form of societal progressions such as demographics, psychographics, and value shifts. For four decades, we have (further) refined our transformative research methodology, which is conducted in five phases. Here is a comprehensive overview of all relevant details.


Tailored Strategic Foresight. Targeted insights for our clients.


We carefully analyze the future for our clients on an individual basis, but this is not the sole assessment. We also take a close look at GAP bridging, i.e. prioritization and impact relevance. Why? Because future analyses only add benefit if they result in concrete improvements and recommendations whose implementation can begin immediately. Here is a comprehensive overview of all relevant details.

Also known as
“Scope Statement” or

Even the fundamental German industry standard DIN addresses the topic of performance specifications, which describe services to be provided and objectives with measurable criteria. Most of the time (except in relation to Real Estate) we are not talking about construction or related projects. In open-ended projects, our Table of Hypotheses provides our clients the assurance that their industry-specific questions will be answered. But this table can (and does) do much more; It acts as the common thread, tying together much of our work. All questions derived from our research can be found here. Each one is evaluated qualitatively and quantitatively, then verified or disproven. By the end, our Table of Hypotheses identifies valid opportunities as well as risks.

Safeguard your company’s
knowledge base.



For our methodology experts, precise validation is the be-all and end-all (in the Greek alphabet, the first letter is Α (alpha) and the last letter is Ω (omega); it is said that whoever has the beginning, as well as the end, in mind masters the whole). Therefore, we use a variety of methods to ensure proper validation. As with other well-kept secrets, such as the exact recipe of Coca-Cola, we keep specific details of our process confidential. One element is Live Research, which evaluates both verbal and non-verbal cues. Among such activities are Broad LiveResearch (camera-supported interviews with everyday experts, consumers, etc., subsequently analyzed by sociologists and psychologists) and Science Dialogs (from the scientific community). Another aspect of the LiveResearch framework is Expert Dialogs, which generally involves the initial decision-making processes in business and politics. Full discretion is proven to increase voluntary participation. We employ, upon request (and in this case without audio and video recording), the Chatham House Rule, coined by the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London, which governs the content disclosure of confidential conversations. In order to safeguard the anonymity of the participants, content may be used without disclosing the identity of the interviewees. These findings round out our validation processes (such as our transformative research).

from our experts.

Keynote Speeches.

Our experts are available to speak at your next big event. A unique opportunity for employees, customers, business partners, congresses and large-scale events. "Heartwarming, insightful and deeply analytical, profound and professional while simultaneously entertaining" is how our hosts describe our keynote speeches. Once we process your request, we’ll send over a selection of topics, a criteria list, and an individual estimate. Please keep in mind that many dates are booked well in advance. While we’d love to accept every offer, our C-Suite is only available for select events.

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