Corona Crisis Immediate help for your challenges.

Corona Crisis
Immediate help for your challenges.

Corona Crisis Immediate help for your challenges.




The COVID-19 crisis confronts companies with unprecedented challenges. Therefore, we are currently focusing our professional services on providing companies with concrete management support and successful exit strategies.


In order to reduce uncertainty about the future and the stress load for your company and your employees, we provide individual support for questions like these:


  • What can you do right now to prevent adverse market or cost developments?
  • How can you maintain and develop your business and even gain a competitive advantage?
  • How can you make short-term adjustments to not only prevent losses, but even open up profit opportunities?
  • How do you secure liquidity in your company and manage important financial issues?
  • How do you communicate with your team in the crisis to maintain employee satisfaction, motivation and efficiency?
  • Home office is quickly demanded, but how does it work properly? What do you and your employees need to know?
  • And finally: How do you prepare for a changed post-corona world?


As each day brings important new developments to light, the THOMSEN GROUP provides you with an action plan that can be quickly implemented, avoids losses and contributes to strengthening your company. From 36 years of global experience, across industries (and government consulting), our knowledge of the "Economies of Emotion" (Nobel Prize for Economics 2017) and especially our knowledge of uncertain futures, we develop customized solutions that not only help you to overcome COVID 19, but also to emerge stronger from it.


Whether you are looking for a detailed analysis of all areas of your company affected by the current crisis or just support in specific key areas, whether as part of an already established crisis management team or for the executive management: Let us discuss your challenges without obligation!

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