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Never before has change happened so rapidly. Whether you choose to act immediately or wait six months can make all the difference. Will you effectively navigate your organization's unique challenges?

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The global management consultancy with future-focused competence.

With our knowledge of the future, we help select companies, governments, and societal actors seize transformational opportunities and address challenges facing top management.

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Hamburg Hamburg
New York New York
Tokyo Tokyo
Austin Austin
Sydney Sydney
London London
Miami Miami
Mumbai Mumbai
Shanghai Shanghai
  • Txu Energy
  • Bouygues
  • Paychex New York
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Rheinmetall
  • Sany China
  • Tui
  • Royal Caribbean Group
  • AEG Los Angeles
  • Burda Verlag
  • Allianz
  • Unilever
  • Lufthansa
  • Edeka
  • Santander
  • BMW
  • SwissLife
  • Panasonic
  • Norddeutscher Rundfunk NDR
  • Commerzbank
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Where we can help.
And with what.

F ocus Topics. Auf Basis von Zukunftswissen. S ustainability B usiness M odel I nnovation. B usiness A ssessment. O vercoming C rises P latforms E cosystems. P ublic O pinion. N ew Markets G lobal Growth. Q uality E conomy. ( New) C ompetitors. D igitization. P sychometrics R esilience R isk. C ulture E mployees. Focus Topics THOMSEN GROUP
F ocus Topics. Auf Basis von Zukunftswissen. S ustainability B usiness M odel I nnovation. N ew Markets G lobal Growth. P latforms E cosystems. D igitization. R esilience R isk. ( New) C ompetitors. P ublic O pinion. B usiness A ssessment. C ulture E mployees. Q uality E conomy. O vercoming C rises P sychometrics

Corporate Strategy.

  • Company Strategies. Global Growth.
  • Diversity, Impact, Purpose (DIP).
  • Resilience Management.

Applied Futurology.

  • Future Research. GAP-Bridging.
  • NanoScenario Analytics. Insights.
  • Customized Strategic Foresight.


  • Innovationmanagement. Search Fields.
  • Business Areas. Business Models.
  • Products and Services.


  • Business- and Organizational Development.
  • Post Merger Integration. Digitization.
  • Crises. Performance Improvement. HR.

Corporate Finance.

  • Exit Readiness. Exit Happiness. M&A.
  • Commercial & Financial Due Diligence.
  • Zero-Based-Budgeting.

Sales, Marketing.

  • Market Management.
  • Sales Solutions. Digital and Analog.
  • Marketing, PR, Social Media.

As a global management consulting firm, we solve the challenges of top management. Our core business consists of six consulting segments: Corporate Strategy (integrated corporate strategies are our focus), Applied Futurology (studies of the future), Innovation Development, Transformation, Corporate Finance, as well as Sales and Marketing. The blue rectangles in the above infographic show where we can help: Core Services represent our most prominent consulting segments. The blue bubbles, on the other hand, highlight what we can help with: Focus Topics are current areas of particular interest to our clients. However, it is always future-specific knowledge that renders a solution particularly effective for any given challenge.

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Access today:

Benefit from diverse industry insights and future knowledge by downloading our latest reports. You’ll have access to whitepapers, expert advice, and the latest in literature and science. Also featured are engaging video podcasts. Keep an eye out for our e-periodicals to get up-to-date information on relevant topics.

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Let's start at the
In the future.

IconicHealth. FutureAsset® IconicHealth.
Hotspoting. FutureAsset® Hotspoting.
Digialogance. FutureAsset® Digialogance.
Multiplicity. FutureAsset® Multiplicity.
Moved Life. FutureAsset® Moved Life.
Abilitization. FutureAsset® Abilitization.
Reciprocity. FutureAsset® Reciprocity.
Safetainty. FutureAsset® Safetainty.
Bettering. FutureAsset® Bettering.
NewNoWork. FutureAsset® NewNoWork.
Intrapreneurity. FutureAsset® Intrapreneurity.
Teccaptance. FutureAsset® Teccaptance.
Metaversity. FutureAsset® Metaversity.
Shebility. FutureAsset® Shebility.
Easity. FutureAsset® Easity.
Sociability. FutureAsset® Sociability.

Future is the most overlooked variable of business strategy, even though it’s proven to increase problem-solving effectiveness. Here, FutureAssets® highlight significant societal developments concerning the attitudes and perspectives of humans, all of which will be relevant for the next 50 years (at least). You won’t find fashionable trends on this list. FutureAssets® are the result of in-depth analyses using our renowned transformation sciences.

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It’s 02:24.
High time for relevant information.

Newsletters are a drag: too long, too frequent, and too busy (usually). Our e-periodical, on the other hand, makes itself scare, remains concise, and is published in black and white. Get the latest issue of our unconventional newsletter or sample an edition of your choosing.

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Here you will find specialized content. Educational insights, curated news, the latest in innovation, and the economy of tomorrow. Our hashtags-of-the-day are sometimes more like hashtags-of-the-minute. You can also follow our authors by clicking on one of the posts.

Who we help.

Industry. Motor Vehicles, Transport, Traffic, Chemicals, Investment Goods.

Motor Vehicles,
Transport, Traffic,
Investment Goods. Industry.

Energy. Oil, Gas, Electricity, Water, Wind, Resources.

Oil, Gas, Electricity,
Water, Wind,
Resources. Energy.

Finance. Banks, Insurances, Funds, Business-Services, Financial Services.

Insurances, Funds,
Financial Services. Finance.

Consumer. Trade, Tourism, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Food, Shopping.

Trade, Tourism,
Fast Moving
Consumer Goods,
Food, Shopping. Consumer.

Hightech. Media, Telecommunication, Hardware, Software.

Hardware, Software. Hightech.

Real Estate. Office, Living, Entertainment, Shopping Center, Logistics, Corporate.

Office, Living,
Shopping Center,
Corporate. Real Estate.

Healthcare. Medicine, Health Insurances, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals Wellness.

Medicine, Health
Wellness. Healthcare.

Public. Government Advisory.

Advisory. Public.

Key industries, governments, and societal actors benefit from our Zukunftswissen (knowledge of the future). Eight industry portals feature exciting news related to our work and happenings around the world. You will also find case studies, up-to-the-minute information on the world's most important industries, and global insights from thousands of industry experts.

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How potential
clients qualify.

The common thread connecting our consulting services is passionate collaboration with our clients. CIDD helps us achieve this: Cultural-and-Integrity Due Diligence. With this tool, we can easily determine which partnerships are bound for success. In short, it identifies clients we should be working with and, alternatively, those who aren’t a good fit. It’s an effective method that, on top of being convenient for potential clients, can qualify potential clients for cooperation.

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How potential clients qualify.


Decade #4

For four decades, we have been supporting top managers who circumnavigate outdated methodologies and opt for more innovative solutions. Rather than bobing up an down in a seemingly calm harbor only to drown in a hurricane of disruptive change and new competitors, these leaders sail into the path of the storm and shake things up. This is the same mindset our in-house management adopts. Get to know our C-Suite in person! And learn more about our company's history.

The Future of Business: Quality Economy.

What does the future of business look like? The answer according to our transformative research: economics will be more substantive, more interdisciplinary and more hands-on. Qualitative factors will become an essential variable in an economy that has so far been characterized exclusively by quantitative factors. Quality Economy also yield quantitatively better results.

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